Microbial oilfield risks

Scheme of iron corrosion by SRBzoom

Scheme of iron corrosion by SRB

Microorganisms can have a mayor impact for oilfield operations. The following aspects may cause trouble:

  • Safety due the generation of hydrogen sulfide (Oil & Gas souring)– see Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Microbially induced corrosion (MIC) of equipment, pipe work and storage tanks caused by generation of biofilms
 Biofilm in a storage tankzoom

Biofilm in a storage tank

Microbial corrosion in a tankzoom

Microbial corrosion in a tank


Negative impact on Oil & Gas quality

  • Plugging by formation of scales such as iron sulfide and carbonates
  • Plugging of filtration systems and equipments i.e. valves by biofilms
  • Degradation of oilfield chemicals, such as biopolymers
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