Properties of hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide 2D
Hydrogen sulfide 2D
CAS number 7783-06-4
EC number 231-977-3
Appearance Colorless gas
Odor Faint rotten egg

Other names

Dihydrogen monosulfide
Dihydrogen sulfide
Stink damp
Sulfur dihydride
Sulfur hydride
Sulfureted hydrogen

Oveview about risks of hydrogen sulfide

  • Mixtures of hydrogen sulfide and air can be explosive
  • Hydrogen sulfide is slightly soluble in water and acts as a weak acid, giving the hydrosulfide ion HS-
  • Hydrogen sulfide reacts with metal ions to form metal sulfides, which may be considered the salts of hydrogen sulfide
  • Iron sulfide e.g. is a black solid which precipitates when Fe2+ reacts with hydrogen sulfide
  • Hydrogen Sulfide is very toxic

Effects on humans

Concentatiion Effect
0.003 - 0.02 ppm Clearly detectable by smell
3 - 10 ppm Very unpleasant smell
20 - 100 ppm Distinct smell of rotten eggs
50 - 100 ppm Stinging pain in eyes and irritation of respiratory organs
100 - 200 ppm Sedation of olfactory sense
250 - 500 ppm Fluids in lungs, cyanosis, bloodstained cough, pneumonia
500 - 1000 ppm Stop for respiration, immediately collapse, death organ


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